What is OZARIN?

OZARIN (pronounced oh-za-rin) serves as an outlet for my various interests, particularly video games and interactive media, design and animation. It is created, developed and maintained by me, Bryan McDowall.

Who is Bryan?

I’m a Scottish born creative, currently working with Rockstar North in Edinburgh to continually improve their web presence. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on such titles as Grand Theft Auto V and have helped develop the Rockstar Games Social Club to its current state.

Even in my free time, I’m passionate about design and development. I’m doing a lot to develop my own skills right now, particularly in the field of game development and design. I’m quite open about my own process, and enjoy learning about others’ approach to skills development.

I’ve become quite interested in open source development, and I’m now attempting to be more transparent in my approach - when it doesn’t conflict with contractual obligations. I find that I hold myself to a higher standard when collaborating with others, or if I know other people have access to my code. As such, I pay more attention to detail. I’m looking forward to learning more through the experience of others.